Southern Belle Dolls

Every Southern girl needs a Southern Belle Doll to teach her about the grace and beauty Southern Ladies are famous for.   As lovely as Scarlet O'Hara and her sisters, our dolls are 26 " tall.  They all come with stands.  They are porcelain dolls with beautiful long hair and antebellum type dresses.  They all have beautiful large brim portrait type hats and they are all equally lovely.  Any Southern lady of any age would  love one of these dolls to put atop her dresser.  Recommended for ages 8 years and up.




   Belle Elsie Doll 

Elsie is a Southern Belle from Biloxi, Mississippi.  She has a lovely pink dress with tiny bows, baby pearls, ruffles on her skirt, cameo  necklace,  a beautiful lace and feathered hat and a parasol to keep the sun off her beautiful face.  Belle Elsie is a beautiful gift for that special young, grown up lady in your life or add to your own collection.  26" Tall   $44.99

Item Name: Belle Elsie Doll  OUT OF STOCK
Price: $44.99



Belle Cameo Doll

Belle Cameo is a pretty, dark haired, girl from Tifton, Georgia.  She can think of nothing but parties and balls at her age of sixteen years.  Her dress is stunning in shirred fabric trimmed with seed pearls, roses and prim bows, with a double overskirt and shirred collar with rosettes in front. Cameo has a lovely parasol and special hat with shirred fabric on the inner portion of the hat.  She has her head turned slightly in a flirtatious manner and is 26 " tall.   $44.99

Item Name: Belle Cameo Doll
Price: $44.99



Belle Kali Doll

Belle Kali is from New Orleans, Louisiana, and comes to you in a beautiful purple dress trimmed with lace, rosettes, ribbon, a sheer white ruffle on the lower skirt, tassels at the neckline, sequins, rosettes and a sweeping dramatic feather boa.  She has a matching portrait hat trimmed with lace.   Belle Kali is a true Southern Beauty and is 26"  tall.   $44.99

Item Name: Belle Kali Doll
Price: $44.99



Belle Coreen Doll

Belle Coreen is an elegant young lady from Mobile, Alabama.  She is a stunning blue eyed blond in a powder blue and cream dress trimmed with rosettes, shirring on the skirt, ribbons, ruffles and lace.  She has a stunning feather trimmed hat, tiny seed pearl necklace and a parasol to shade her face from the sun.   26 " Tall   $44.99

Item Name: Belle Coreen Doll  OUT OF STOCK
Price: $44.99



These Southern ladies are lovely collector dolls, but are not an antique collectible doll.  They are tomorrow's antiques, today's treasures, reminiscent of Gone With the Wind and Scarlett O'Hara.  Look for the 16 inch porcelain dolls in our elegant Southern Belle Gift Baskets.  Any season is perfect for a Southern Gift Basket.


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