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Rebel Embroidered Flag Navy Blue Twill Hat

This black twill hat is very smart looking and has a Confederate Flag Patch on the front.  $10.95 each

Item Name: Rebel Embroidered Flag Navy Twill Hat
Price: $10.95   




Rebel Confederate Flag Toboggan Hat 

This acrylic winter hat will keep your ears warm and warm your heart also.  Dixie Flag design front and back.  Excellent  Holiday or Christmas gift.  One Size  $10.99 each



Item Name: Rebel  Flag Winter Toboggan Hat
Price: $10.99  



Tea Stain Raffia Cowboy Hat with the Confederate Emblem on the Front

This hat is really cool and nobody else has one!   The brim shapes and they are very rustic looking.  Southern Cowboys, Cowboys and want-a-be types will love this hat!   

 One Size Medium $29.95 Each

Item Name: Tea Stain Raffia Cowboy Hat with the Confederate Emblem on the Front
Price: $29.95



Rebel Flag Do-Rag

Great to wear at work, working around the house or riding your bike.  Cotton.

One Size $5.95 each

Item Name: Rebel Flag Do-Rag
Price: $5.95



Leather Skull Cap with Rebel Flag 

 One Size $21.99 each

Item Name: Leather Skull Cap with Rebel Flag
Price: $21.99


Rebel Yell On Line is the provider of specialty gifts for all times of the year for all types of activities and celebrations:  birthdays, holidays, Christmas, anniversaries, and any special occasion.  Rebel Yell has selected a group of specialty Confederate hats, caps, cowboy hats, toboggan hats, skull caps, and do-rags that are in demand yet unique.  Some are leather and some are cotton twill or knit.  Please review the descriptions carefully to insure that we are providing you exactly what you expect.

You can have fun with these gifts and learn more about the South and Southern Heritage by visiting with us and our links to other sites.


Rebel Yell On Line

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