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Confederate  Rebel Battle Flag Afghan

Heavy three ply cotton with fringe all around.   This throw is bound to delight the whole family.  48”x 60”   This is a great birthday, anniversary, Mother’s day, Father’s day or Christmas or Holiday gift for your special Rebel loved one.  $44.95 each

Item Name: Battle Flag Afghan 48" x 60"
Price: $44.95

Confederate Rebel Flag Bandana

This red, white and blue Rebel bandana has many uses as a head cover, face cover or sew them together for tops, skirts and pants.  22 1/2 "x 22 1/2"  $3.50 each.  See the Misc. page our quick and easy pattern.  Great gift idea!

Item Name: Rebel Bandana
Price: $3.50




Confederate Rebel Battle Car Flag

This car flag is one of our most frequently used items.  It is 12” x 18”, double knit fabric so the pattern is on each side.  The flag fits over your window and you just roll it up!    $8.99 each

Item Name: Confederate Battle Car Flag
Price: $8.99



Confederate Rebel Battle Flag Playing Cards

Good for poker or most any card game.   $2.95 per deck


Item Name: Confederate Battle Flag Playing Cards
Price: $2.95 



Confederate Rebel Battle Flag Design Insulated Twelve-Pack Cooler

Nice insulated cooler with Confederate Flag print.  12" tall x 6" wide with a strap.  This bag would also be a good oversized lunch bag to keep your sandwiches and drink cold.   $8.95  




Item Name: Twelve-Pack Cooler
Price: $8.95 


 Confederate Rebel Flag Flasks

Unique Belt/ Stainless Steel Pocket flasks to carry your sustenance while you is out and about!  Five ounces.  4 1/2" x 3 3/4"  $11.99 


Item Name: Rebel Flasks
Price: $11.99



Confederate Rebel Flag Fingerless Leather Gloves

Great for riding your chopper.  Small, 1X,  2XL, 3XL   $15.00  Pair  



Item Name: Rebel Flag Fingerless Leather Gloves
Price: $15.00

Glove Size:   


Confederate Rebel Flag Lucite Key Chain

Eye catching Rebel Flag Key Chain.  A great redneck accessory.  $1.99 each



Item Name: Rebel Lucite Key Chain 
Price: $1.99



 Confederate Rebel Flag Pocket Knife 

Six (6) inch long pocket knife with 2 ˝ “ blade.  Rebel Flag on each side of handle.  Clean your fish or peel your Georgia peaches.  (Not especially in that order!)  $3.99 each


Item Name: Rebel Flag Pocket Knife
Price: $3.99



Confederate Refillable Silver Color Rebel Flame Lighters

Silver color cigarette lighters with Battle Flag.  NOT the ones pictured, but we think they are nicer.  $3.99 each


Item Name: Refillable Silver Color Rebel Flame Lighters
Price: $3.99



Confederate Rebel Flag Travel Mug

14 oz. Rebel Stainless Steel Travel Mug will keep your coffee hot while you are on the road.   $9.99 each



Item Name: Rebel Travel Mug 
Price: $9.99 



Corn Cob Pipe

Every redneck and hillbilly male and female needs their own corn-cob pipe.  These pipes are quality from Missouri-Meerschaum Pipes, made in the USA in Washington, Missouri.   5 3/4" long, bowl 1 3/4".   They work, we have smoked with 'em.   $5.95 each 

Item Name: Corn Cob Pipe
Price: $5.95



Confederate States of America 7 Piece Pin Set

Includes Stars and Bars, Bonnie Blue, 2nd CSA, 3rd CSA, Naval Jack, Confederate Battle Flag and CSA 3 Flags.   This is a great gift for any occasion for your Rebel friends and kin.  $14.95 Set. 


Item Name:
Item Name: Confederate States of America 7 Piece Pin Set

Price: $14.95



Confederate Rebel Flag Sunglasses - Center Flag

These glasses with metal sides/earpieces have the Confederate emblem in the center, above the nose piece.  UV 400  $9.99 each

Item Name: Rebel Sunglasses - Center Flag
Price: $9.99




Confederate Flag Rebel Sunglasses - Side Flag

These Black, Silver or Smoke Gray Colored Plastic Glasses have a Confederate Emblem and Flame on each of  the sides/earpieces.  UV 400.  $9.99 each

Item Name: Rebel Sunglasses - Side Flag
Price: $9.99 





Confederate Rebel Battle Flag Beach Towel

Display pride in your Southern Heritage with this 40” x 60” 100% cotton beach towel.   Heat up the beach even more!   $16.95  each

Item Name: Battle Flag Beach Towel
Price: $16.95




Confederate Leather Rebel Flag Tri fold Chain Wallet

  $19.99 each

Item Name: Leather Rebel Flag Tri fold Chain Wallet with chain.
Price: $19.99




Rustic Style Leather Rebel Flag Tri fold Chain Wallet

  $19.99 each

Item Name: Rustic Style Leather Rebel Flag Tri fold Chain Wallet with chain.
Price: $19.99




Confederate Rebel Flag Logo Watch 

It is time to stand up for your Southern Heritage.  Show the world it's time to be proud of your Southern Heritage with this brushed silver or brushed gold color watch with a Confederate Battle Flag face.   Expandable band.   $9.99 each


Item Name: Rebel Logo Watch 
Price: $9.99


Confederate Rebel Flag Patch

This patch is a quality woven patch that you can iron on or sew on.  It measures  2 1/4  by 3 1/2  inches

Item Name: Confederate Patch 2 1/4 x 3 1/2
Price: $2.99


Rebel Yell On Line is the provider of specialty gifts for all times of the year for all types of activities and celebrations:  birthdays, holidays, Christmas, anniversaries, and any special occasion.  Rebel Yell has selected a group of specialty Confederate hats, caps, cowboy hats, toboggan hats, skull caps, and do-rags that are in demand yet unique.  Some are leather and some are cotton twill or knit.  Please review the descriptions carefully to insure that we are providing you exactly what you expect.

You can have fun with these gifts and learn more about the South and Southern Heritage by visiting with us and our links to other sites.



Rebel Yell On Line

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